Almost good bye blog!

It’s almost summer one more week! yaaaaaaayaaa!!! i’m going to high school, so exciting! omg I have a very eventful summer a head too. I am going to Boston Ballet Summer Intensive, also I am going to Arizona for a week five days, and I might also go to Manhattan Youth Ballet Summer Intensive or (MYB)! Yay!

This Week I Did A Lot!

This week I did a lot, including being sick, lots of minecraft anime, and etc.

I had Yapanese (Japanese) on Thursday and made an anime manga on two fans one was a kawaii strawberry murderer and the other was a person mad at another person for not liking cheese cause its kawaii “in the story!

Also I am getting hired by Anna Wintour to be her assistant at Vogue, (JK, I wish though; SAD FACE!)

I also watched Scream TV this week, it’s pretty scary, i guess!

So much happiness…

Omgeeee… i’m soooo… eeeeeeexciiiiiiiiideeeeed…

I’m going to see Beyonce perform July 7th omg it’s to amazing ahhhhh I wish it were sooner!

iI’m also getting a gold Iphone 6 and a Unicorn case and cute kitten dust plugs or (Dust Plugs- Things you plug into the head phone jack to keep dust out that are very cute!)

Yaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwsssssss… derp face i’m having the best life ever + i’m getting a hair cut at what I think is 5:00 on Tuesday! Plus i’m gonna dye my hair silver grey with an under cut! yaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwsssssss…


This Week I Made…

This Week I Made a new Minecraft world that i intend to beat the Ender Dragon and get almost all of the achievements! I have a Enchantment Table and I made a lot of Diamond stuff! It’s crazy! I also have a Nether Portal!!! OMGEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!


I also have sad things I died a few times, but luckily I only lost my Diamond Pick Axe!

But later I made a new one though!